Silvano Altamirano Explains Commitment

Mesa C.C. (CA) 2013 offensive tackle Silvano Altamirano made an official visit to the Hilltop this weekend and after taking some time to think it over decided that he had seen all he needed to see.
"I decided to commit after going home and thinking it over for a day," said Altamirano. "It really felt good to commit since I fit in so well at SMU everybody from the players to the coaches made me feel at home there."
Even though Altamirano is committed to SMU, his recruiting process will not be over for a few weeks as he still has one more official visit planned to a school across the country.
"I cancelled my recruiting trips to Washington State and New Mexico today. I will be visiting Maryland though in two weeks since Maryland came by and offered today at my school."
The only thing that is still up in the air for Altamirano right now in regards to the Mustangs is the question of whether or not some of his classes will transfer over to SMU.
"During my visit we got to listen to some of the academic staff talk to us briefly about SMU. Coach Odum is suppose to get me in touch with a academic advisor at SMU in next few days to discuss my classes transferring over to SMU."
With Maryland being the only other visit planned for the tackle, who the coaching staff has said could get immediate playing time at SMU, it would appear that the Mustangs are still in good shape.
"I am a little worried about their being a culture shock going to the east coast and me from west coast. I want to go over there and see how I fit in to Maryland in regards to their program it will be hard for them to top SMU however."
We will continue to follow this story and have an update after the newest Mustang takes his official to Maryland.