FREE: SMU FB vs UConn Post-Game Video Quotes

On Saturday night the Mustangs kept their hopes of qualifying for a post-season bowl game alive by defeating conference foe UConn 38-21. Here are all the post-game quotes and videos from the game:
Connecticut Head Coach T.J. Weist:
Opening statement:
"It's a tough loss. Our guys came out with a lot of energy in the second half. If we played with the same amount of energy and passion in the
first half we can get in some of these games. We just didn't have a lot of it in the first half."
"We had our best rushing game of the year and I thought, at times, Casey threw the ball well, but we are just so inconsistent in moving the
football, holding it and with making plays and drives."
"When we look good we look good. We drive the ball down and we play with confidence. When we don't, we don't look like a very confident
"I'll say this, and I mean it. I'm proud of this team and their effort. Guys didn't quit and they played all the way through. I think it's very important
for these guys, and it's very important for this team to not give up. We haven't won a game and it's easy to get down and give up, but these
guys didn't give up and that's what we're looking for."
"There's nobody, nobody that wants to win a game more than these players, and us. It's not easy, winning football games is not easy. They
were the better team today, but that doesn't stop us. We're going to come back and play Temple with more energy and enthusiasm."
Student-Athlete Quarterback Casey Cochran:
"I thought we played well with our backs against the wall. We were tough and everyone was very encouraging on the sidelines."
"I think we are right on the brink of having a great offense and being a great team. Now all we have to do is be able to put the pieces together."
"It all comes down to starting quicker on offense, but next week we're really going to be hungry and ready to play."
SMU Head Coach June Jones:
Opening statement:
"We won, that was good. Made it, as we always do, a little harder than it is supposed to be, but playing in this new conference, these teams,
regardless of what their record is are big and fast, and they are more physical, I think, than what we have been playing against, so we have to
do everything right, and I am proud of Garrett (Gilbert). I thought the (offensive) line, with the size and their front four, I thought throwing the ball
52 times, they competed pretty hard."
On the rushing attack:
"We knew some of the techniques that they were going to use to try to defend the run. I wanted to run Garrett a little bit more in the second
half, but he kind of dinged his shoulder a little bit, so I kind of pulled off of that and said, 'Ok, we've got to throw it.' We threw it, and were able to
sneak in there and get some runs late in the game."
On the positive turnover margin:
"I think, really, the reason we were plus is because we didn't give it away on offense."
Student-Athlete senior wide receiver Jeremy Johnson:
On the key to winning:
"(The key today) was just to start fast and finish strong. We started a little fast, but we slowed down a little bit, but we need to keep staying
strong to help the defense out a little bit, so we can stay on the field and get them a break."
On the amount of short passes:
"They were playing a lot of cover-4, so they weren't allowing me to get on top. I caught a lot of underneath routes, and I think they did a good
job with not letting us get deep at all, really."
Student-Athlete junior linebacker Stephon Sanders:
On his interception return for a touchdown:
"It was just playing defense like how we've been practicing. We actually had a fire zone on there, and I knew, like, when we have a fire zone on,
the ball comes out quick, and that is exactly what happened so we got to stay in our coverage, and everybody did their job. It was just the whole
defense executing their plays, and the result was a touchdown, which is what we needed."
Student-Athlete senior quarterback Garrett Gilbert:
On setting school record for 300-yard games:
"It's a huge product of how much work, again as an offensive unit, that we put in. From last year, about midway through the season, as I feel
like we started to get comfortable with one another on into the spring, again, the work that my receivers and the offensive line, out there every
day putting in extra work, continuing to get better. That's where that all comes from."