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Lewis verbal getting stronger

Last Friday night, Robert Lewis led his team to 42-20 victory over Canoga Park in the third round of the California state playoffs. On Saturday morning, Lewis was arrived in Dallas for his official visit to SMU.
"It was really crazy. I was so tired from my game then I had to wake up really early for my flight," Lewis said. "I still had a good time, but it was really rough."
Despite feeling a bit jet-lagged and the torrential downpour happening on campus this weekend, the three-star athlete enjoyed his visit and saw the chances of honoring his own commitment to SMU increase.
"The visit was really fun. I definitely had a good time out there. It was really cool, and I had a lot of fun. It was basically the time of my life. I got to see all the facilities. I got see the academic buildings too, but I didn't get to see the dorms because it was raining. After my visit, I feel like my commitment is a little more solid."
On his visit, Lewis was able to reconnect with fellow California recruits such as Gabriel Marks, Kache Palacio and Raymond Ford. Lewis said the strong presence of Californians made the visit that much more enjoyable.
"I knew most of the guys that were on the visit. It was really fun being with all of them. A few of us played around and tried getting guys to commit on campus. I know Chris Harper ended up committing. All of us were together the whole time."
The thing that stood out most to Lewis was his one-on-one time with SMU head coach June Jones.
"I met Coach Jones for the first time, and that was a really big part of the visit. We really got to talk about everything going on. He told me about the offense and how things were coming up at SMU. He's a really cool guy. He's really laid back. He was being really honest with me the whole time."
The No.52 ranked player in California was also happy about the opportunity to interact with current SMU players and obtain advice about the routine on the Hilltop.
"My player host was Lazarri Middleton. He told that he would love me to help the team out. He told me how practice was run and stuff like that. He said that they really don't use shoulder pads at practice. It's mostly helmet and shorts. He said that I could fit in right away."
Lewis has already taken an official visit to Utah and said that he would also like to see Oregon, Colorado, and Ole Miss. However, none of those visits have been planned.